Requiem Mass for Fr. James Buckley, FSSP

Fr. James Buckley, FSSP, died on the evening of December 14. At ICC we will offer a solemn requiem mass for the repose of his soul today, December 15 at 6:00 pm. Requiescat in pace.

Father James Buckley was born in New York on November 29, 1937. Ordained a priest on July 5, 1965 for the Society of the Divine Savior, he devoted himself to education, taking on pastoral responsibilities in several American states, as well as five years in Tanzania. From 1987 to 1992, he tried to join the Fathers of Mercy, before joining the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, where he was permanently incorporated on November 1, 1997. After a period in our apostolate in Dallas, Texas, he taught fundamental theology and gave spiritual direction in our American seminary from 1994 to 2016. He contributed greatly to the spiritual formation of an entire generation of FSSP priests in North America through the Spiritual Exercises that he would preach to each incoming class. He also helped many souls in the United States by preaching these same retreats in a variety of locations.
Since 2016, he had been serving at the FSSP apostolate in Dallas, Mater Dei Parish.