Extreme Unction

What to do if a priest is coming to your house for Last Rites or a Sick Call?

The priest is generally prepared to bring all that is necessary for fitting administration of the sacrament. If possible however it is preferable for some things to be suitably prepared to worthily receive the Lord into the house and to facilitate the administration of the Rites. When the priest arrives remember that he brings God with him and so it is fitting to meet him at the door with a lighted candle to lead him to the room of the sick person where all should kneel. If the sick person is to have their confession heard, this will occur prior to any of the other rites and it is necessary to provide sufficient privacy.

For Last Rites

If possible please have a table covered with a white cloth placed near the sickbed so as to be within sight of the sick person. On the table, place a cross and two lit candles; in front of the candles a holy water sprinkler, a small dish and six cotton balls, (for the priest to cleanse his hands of the holy oil); near the table a bowl with water, and a towel for the priest to wash his hands afterwards. Finally, in case the person receiving communion should have difficulty swallowing the Eucharist, it is good to have a glass of water on hand to assist them.

For A Sick Call

If the visit is only for Confession and/or the reception of Holy Communion, it suffices to have a table with two candles, holy water, and a bowl with water for the purification of the priest’s fingers after administering communion.