The Altar Society


Immaculate Conception Church

Mission Statement

The Altar Society of Immaculate Conception Church, under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Immaculate Conception, wishes to serve God and His Church in the following specific ways. We strive to promote true love of God and neighbor, encourage and support Catholic family life, display Christian Charity to one another, and foster reverence for the Holy House of God. We will labor for its proper adornment, caring for the altar, with its fine linens, candles, and flowers, the sanctuary, both its sacristies, and the entire body of the church, enhancing an atmosphere for divine worship. While working together in Christ, we will also provide various parish receptions and render assistance to the parish priests whenever necessary

The Altar Society is open to any woman of the parish who wishes to participate in the carrying out of this mission. There are several committees that work together in order to enhance an atmosphere worthy of “divine worship.” Volunteers are gladly welcomed to help perform various tasks on the following committees:

Midnight Mass
Altar Of Repose
Marian Altar
First Holy Communion Reception
Community Dinner & Dance
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Meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month following the 6pm Holy Hour. For more information contact the Church office at 

Come join us in our mission to serve our Lord through our acts of service!