Additional Announcements

  • Matthew Sawicki has generously offered to take on the superintendent duties for the church renovation and move to the gymnasium for the temporary chapel. We hope to do a good amount of the basic work such as removing pews and carpet in order to save on the project. Matt will be available after the 10:00 am in the gym during coffee & donuts to take names and contact information of those who will be willing to help (even if one has no skills . . .) in these tasks. You can also write to him at
  • A local hardware store donated a large amount of items to ICC. We have gone through the items that we will need. All other items will be available for free in the gym following the 10:00 am Mass this Sunday. First come, first serve!
  • A number of groups are meeting this Sunday directly after the 10:00 am Mass. Boys’ Chant in the church basement, First Communion in the St. Joseph Loft, both Children’s Choirs in the church basement.
  • Many thanks to the ICC Altar Society and all others who worked so hard to make the Parish Feast Day such a success, especially to Sonja Wishman and Savannah Stark for organizing the event and making sure that every lasagna was either eaten that night or sent home with a family (or the priests).