Burial of Infant, Abe Anthony Sheldon

On Tuesday, August 29, Abe Anthony Sheldon was born. He was baptized and confirmed immediately after birth and then held by his family until he passed shortly after.

There will be a Mass of the Angels offered on Thursday, September 7, at 9:00 am at ICC followed by an Infant Burial at Calvary Cemetery. After the burial, a reception will be held in the gymnasium. All parishioners are invited to attend and come pray for strength and consolation for the family at this time. Unlike a Requiem Mass, it is not offered for Abe since his soul is perfect. The Roman Ritual states that though there is certainly sorrow at the loss of life here below, this Mass is one of joy for a soul in heaven:

First of all let it be the concern of pastors that, in compliance with ancient and praiseworthy ecclesiastical custom, the bodies of little children are not interred in that part of the cemetery which is used for the general public. Rather, as far as possible, they should have their own special and separate plot, where none but baptized infants and children who die before attaining the use of reason should be buried. At funerals of children the church bells, if rung, ought not to be tolled but rather rung out in festive tone. When a baptized infant or child dies before attaining the age of reason, the body is clothed as befits its age, and around it are placed flowers or fragrant herbs or greens, in token of the child’s integrity and virginal purity.