Masses in the Gymnasium

This Sunday, January 14, we will begin with Masses in the gym. The parking lot has been plowed well, so we are in good shape for Sunday.

We will maintain out full regular schedule. All Masses and devotions will be in the gymnasium until we can move back following the renovations. Here are a few things to be aware of while we are in the gym:

  • There are two handicapped parking spaces marked. They are the two spots closest to the gym entrance in the alley between the gym and church. Please respect these.
  • There is only one bathroom that will be in use in the gym during Masses. It is in the southeastern corner. Please give precedence for this bathroom to older parishioners and mothers with babies. There are other bathrooms downstairs in the Party Room and Bowlatorium. We will also have the bathrooms open in the church basement on Sundays.
  • The church is now a construction area and you may not enter unless you have been let in for work by one of the priests or Matt Sawicki. The FOB for that door has been disabled for the sake of safety.
  • There is a new FOB system for the gym door. We will be giving out those FOBs soon. If you come regularly early in the morning to pray or at another time and need access already this week, please speak with Fr. Berg.
  • We will have Coffee Donuts and Bowling each Sunday, unless an announcement is made to the contrary.
  • The “cry-room” area will be up in the St. Joseph loft for children who need it.
  • The choir is in the southeastern corner of the gym. Please keep the children out of this area.