Renovation Progress

The renovation work is on schedule thus far. The scaffolding company covered the entire church with a structure which would give access to every inch of the walls and ceilings to the plasterers and painters

The acoustic tiles on the ceiling were then removed and the very difficult task of chipping off the four splotches of hardened mastic behind each one. The holes were plastered and three coats were put on the ceiling. The photos below show some sections that have not yet been plastered and others which have been plastered but not yet painted.

Finally, there was a lot of work to be done on the floor. A first crew tore out the pews and carpets when we moved into the gym. Then began the tedious process of removing the layers beneath of sub-floor and then the original linoleum tile which we discovered was gray, black and red. We are very grateful to the men of the parish who have spent a lot of hard hours on their knees taking out these items and the thousands upon thousands . . . upon thousands of nails and staples! This has a saved us a great deal of money to prep the floor for the marble tile that will go in.