Adult Education March 7: Actively Participating in the Sacrifice of the Mass

On Thursday, March 7, at 7:00 pm Fr. Audino will give Part I of the final class in our series on the Eucharist, entitled Actively Participating in the Sacrifice of the Mass. He will give Part II on the Tuesday of Holy Week, March 26.

As it concerns the role of faithful at Mass and what it means to profit by the graces of the Sacrifice of the Altar, it is the most important class of this long series on the Eucharist. In a certain manner all of the preceding theology builds up to this practical conclusion. It will also touch on how the liturgy and prayers of the Mass aid in the proper disposition to enter into this Sacrifice of Christ upon the Altar. If you have family or friends who have wondered what they are “supposed be doing at Mass”, or what one “gets out of the Mass”, then this is the class to bring them along to.

The Sacrifice of the Mass is so central to our lives as Catholics. We cannot afford to be ignorant of its essence, its fruits and the best way for us to participate in them.